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Karen's Diary

Training Tales & Ongoing Kennel Activities
Currently we are training for the Iditarod 2003

Race Tales from the Musher
These entries were written after the race about events
that happened during each leg of the journey.
Having successfully completed the race, Karen now shares her adventures...

April 23 April 25 (Pics - School Presentation)

(Everything is in reverse order of checkpoints & dates -

go to the bottom of the page to start at the beginning)

Safety to Nome 
White Mountain to Safety  
Elim to White Mountain 
Koyuk to Elim
Shaktoolik to Koyuk 
Unalakleet to Shaktoolik 
Kaltag to Unalakleet 
  Eagle Island to Kaltag 
Grayling to Eagle Island
Anvik to Grayling 
Shageluk to Anvik
Iditarod to Shageluk 
Ophir to Iditarod
Takotna to Ophir 
McGrath to Takotna
Nikolai to McGrath
Rohn to Nikolai
Rainy Pass to Rohn 
Finger Lake to Rainy Pass (Pics)
Yentna to Finger Lake 
Restart to Yentna
Ceremonial Start 

During the 2001 Race - News from the Sidelines
These entries were written during the race,
updates were provided by Karen's husband Mark

March 29 (pics)
March 28 (pics)
March 25 (pic)
March 20
March 19 (II) (pics)
March 19
March 18 (II)
March 18
March 17 (pics)
March 16
March 15
March 14
March 13
March 12 (II)
March 12 (pics)
March 10 (pics)
March 9 (pics)
March 7 (II)
March 7
March 5 (pics)
March 2

Pre-Race Training Logs & Photos

February 28
February 25
February 20
February 15
February 14
February 8
February 5
  January 29
January 16
January 10
January 8, 2001
December 31
December 20
November 27
November 22
November 15
November 13
November 8
October 24
October 17
October 13
October 1
September 13
September 12
September 11
July 24
July 13, 2000

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