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Iditarod 2001 - Tales from the Trail

March 29, 2001

More details coming...stay tuned! :)

Click on the images to view much larger versions.  I have purposely left the originals very large, generally 1024x768 so that details will be more easily visible.  

I'm sure these will be way out of order, but in the interest of getting them posted as quickly as possible...


trailtoElim2.jpg (70479 bytes)
Trail to Elim
TrailtoElim.jpg (112378 bytes)
Trail to Elim II
arrivingElim.jpg (120802 bytes)
Arriving at Elim
campingNortonSound.jpg (92123 bytes)
Camping @ Norton Sound
campingNortonSound2.jpg (95206 bytes)
Camping @ Norton Sound II
Rohn.jpg (167301 bytes)
Rohn Checkpoint
leavingRohn.jpg (153431 bytes)
Leaving Rohn
GnomesNome.jpg (66650 bytes)
Nome Gnomes
tripodnome.jpg (63475 bytes)
Trail Marker for Nome
comingintoNome.jpg (89298 bytes)
Coming into Nome
BackofthePack.jpg (118134 bytes)
Back of the Pack
Banquet.jpg (115051 bytes)
Red Lantern Banquet

Karen's 2001 Diary

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