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Iditarod 2001 - Tales from the Trail

March 5, 2001

Hello everybody:

Well sheís gone. Everything went as planned. Karen didnít seem nervous at all, it was more a case of "Let's get started so I can finish." 

Thereís an article in todayís Anchorage Daily News about Siberians running the race with some pictures of Karen in the photo album section. The article is about a race within a race, well if thatís the case, someone forgot to tell the other three drivers and us about it! The main reason that we race is to gauge our dogs against other dogs, and this would be a perfect opportunity to do this, but you have to remember that Karen isnít racing. Once she gets one Iditarod under her belt sheíll pick it up a notch.

Tomorrow Lloyd, Vivian, Jamie West and myself are going down to Seward for a day of sight seeing. There is a sea life center as well as some kind of heritage sight, plus weíll do the lunch thing.

Thatís all that I have for now, I donít know any more than you. When your surfing go to the Cabelaís Iditarod site, and click on the 2001 Leader board, you can click on your favorite musher and it will update you with their status it also has a map to show you their progress.

Talk to you later

(Karen's husband)
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Karen & Draco


Racing Show Dog

Karen's 2001 Diary


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