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Iditarod 2001 - Tales from the Trail

December 31, 2000

A belated Merry Christmas to all!! The Nelsonís were nice enough to include me in their Christmas celebration, so it wasnít as hard to be away from my family over the Holidays! Mark had his parents visiting, so he had company and good food for Christmas too!! 

We were back out and running on the 26th, of course. On the 28th we did a nice long, all day run with the dogs. Mine came back into the yard barking and jumping looking for their dinner - that was really great to see. 

Iíve made a couple cuts from the group of 23.  Spider and Jumper wonít be making the trek up to Alaska this time, but as Mark reminded me - both are young and will be contenders again next year!  That leaves only 1 more to cut before the trip now. 

Iíve started to do some planning for the Grand Portage Passage Race. Iím thinking the dogs I vet check in will be Butch, Sissy, Oreo, Nik, Smiley, Orion, Raptor, Chester, Gus, Draco, Mannie, Keesa, and Surge. From that I will need to pick 12 to run the Race with me. Iím not Ďracingí this Race, rather using it as a training tool for Alaska, so the dogs were selected based on how much I thought they could use the experience.  It will be a great testing ground for up and coming leaders too!!

Jamie and I took yesterday off and heading up to Orr, Minnesota to watch a sprint race there. Ann Stead, who teaches Mushing Boot Camps with Jamie and from who I bought Visa, was there and both of us were keen to watch her run. There were some really nice Siberian teams and folks there and I was glad to get the chance to meet many of them.  No offense to you sprint folks out there, but I did remember why it is that I donít do that style of racing anymore - all that work for under 20 minutes of mushing!!! Iím way to lazy for that! 

Wishing you all a Happy New Year!! 


Karen's 2001 Diary

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