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Yukon Quest/Iditarod 2006 - 'Happy Feet' Program

One of the most important parts of keeping a dog team happy and healthy on the trail is caring properly for their feet! Although Siberians feet are generally 'tougher' then Alaskan Huskies, they still require booties, liniments, and foot ointments to keep their feet (and them) happy! Of course, all this costs money, we have calculated approximately $200 Cdn per dog for each of the 14 that will make the final cut. The 'Happy Feet' Sponsorship Program was created to help cover some of these expenses!

Each 'Happy Feet' Sponsor will receive 2006 NorthWapiti memorabilia, name mention on our website, 4 - booties with actual Yukon Quest Trail 'experience' (to be mailed out after the race!), and a certificate of appreciation!

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We would like to thank the following people for becoming
Happy Feet Sponsors:

The DesJardins of Ancaster, Ontario - Canada

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