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Yukon Quest/Iditarod 2006 - Tales from the Trail

March 16, 2006

She's Back

Have you ever seen a Pitbull drive a team of Siberians?...

Editor's Note - This cryptic message left some members of the NorthWapiti Yahoo News Group wondering exactly what was meant by that statement. Some suggestions were:

(A) the "Evil One" Olena is back...
(B) Karen has returned to Unk after just pulling out (Cabela's updates didn't show that...phew)...
(C) Karen has doffed her 'tough guy' persona to drive those dogs (but still with their health under careful observation...)
(D) Snickers is back in lead-dog mode!! A group member envisioned Karen and Snickers having a long heart-to-heart in Unalakleet!

The correct answer was revealed as (C)

"She's back" meant that My Karen, that I know and Love is back, and driving those dogs to NOME!!!!!!

"I get knocked down, but I get up again, ain't nothing going to keep me down" (By some one hit wonder from the 90's)

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Karen's Diary - Yukon Quest/Iditarod 2006 Edition

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