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NorthWapiti in New Hampshire
November 2006

Two and a half weeks ago NorthWapiti's Kluane gave birth to three female puppies sired by NorthWapiti's Skor! We have a white girl, black & white girl (looks like her dad) and a very light gray & white girl (who looks like her mom). Kluane is an excellent mother and really loves her pups! We named the pups after a 'Fast' theme - Swift, Rapid & Dasher. 

Rapid, Dasher & Swift

Training has been going well. Our new NorthWapiti dogs are awesome! Skor is an amazing leader, we love him to bits! :) Rainy is also doing excellent and getting some leader training in. Togo (another Grover son) is also really impressing us. He reminds us very much of his dad!

We also have 4 new yearlings in training:

You can see some training photos from this fall.

Doug and Donna Finner joined us training today and brought along Elim & Koyuk (Grover x Spot) and Lou (Grover x Joey). She took many great photos.


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Family News

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