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NorthWapiti's Lincoln of Kelim & Kelim's Super Dodge
February 17, 2004

We are having a very good race season so far! In large part to our two rising stars NorthWapiti's Lincoln of Kelim & Kelim's Super Dodge (Grover's son). We went up to the Stratford 15 mile race and finished 3rd of 19 teams with a time of 1:52:54 - we were also the fastest Siberian team :) 

A good friend of ours, Brendan Block ran his first race with Dawson (another Grover kid) in lead and two Lyra kids, Sandy & Jack in team. He finished 11th with a time of 2:25:09 and also made SD time. Thanks Brendan for getting another "leg" on Holly's SD title and a first "leg" on Sandys SD title!

We are just thrilled with the results from that race!

This past Saturday we ran the Sandwich Notch 30 - it was a very tough trail, many steep dirt dowhills, narrow trails with many trees. Some mushers had the facial wounds to prove it! :( Anyhow we finished 10th out of 24 teams with a time of 3:52:45. That put us as the 5th fastest Siberian team out of 16 Siberian teams. We finished in SDO time! The team was Dodge & Linc in lead (of course!) Sahara & Darka team, Storm & Ares wheel. Another good friend of ours, Jaye Foucher also ran the race with her Grover/Holly son in lead and she finished in SD time finishing Holly's SD - thanks Jaye! As most of you probably know, Jaye has as many "NorthWapiti" relatives as we do know - she got hooked on them as easily as we did! :)

If you want to see photos from the last 3 races go to

Lou's mom and dad, Doug & Donna Finner came to the Sandwich race and took some great photos and brought us some wonderful dog booties. Thanks guys!  Their Lou is a Grover/Joey pup.

Now off to some sprint races the next two weekend - sprint races are not our favorite, but they are local races so why not ;)

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Family News

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