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Iditarod 2008 - Tales from the Trail

September 10th, 2007

Fall Warm-Up Weekend (photos)

First off I have to thank Karen and Mark for putting together such an amazing weekend.  We had such a great
time!  Zach is actually chomping at the bit to go back to school to tell his classmates all his stories from
this weekend.  Everyone was so nice and made this such a memorable time for us we will definitely come up for
the next one (although I will not be trying out any short cuts so to speak).   Since many know that I hit
a bull on the way up in Montana, we did make it thanks to a rental truck.  And Mark was totally right about
my truck not getting touched till after we got back, but today (Saturday) we made it home driving through 6
states in 24 hours and my truck being held together with some good ol' fashioned duct tape for the headlight, bailing wire for the bumper and some chain to keep the hood down, as for the internal parts staying in place I'm too afraid to undo the chain to see.

I don't know where to begin describing the amount of fun we had this weekend which by far is one of the
best weekends I have ever had.  I think Zach puts it best with a very exuberant "AWESOME".   We met so many great people that we definitely hope to see again.  Thank you Karen for letting us to scooter with your
dogs, I must admit that was a truly amazing experience.  Zach is still in awe of Nik and I know that isn't going to change.  Down here in So. Cal. my guys are fast but compared to Batdog and Hector it's like comparing turtles to rabbits (obviously my guys are the turtles).  Thanks Colleen and Martin for letting me tag along Monday morning when you ran your team.   I am still getting used to not seeing Rocket, Dew and Trigger, I could never walk past them without saying hi to each one of them.  Also thanks Karen, Colleen and Martin for loaning us your quads to run our team.  Zach also has a big thank you for Mark, he loved driving the quads.  This weekend was so worth the drive from California.  The weather was great the scenery couldn't be beat and everyone just made this weekend fantastic.  I truly don't know how to thank you enough!



Karen's Diary - Iditarod 2008 Edition

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