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Iditarod 2008 - Tales from the Trail

February 19, 2008

Do The Snow Dance!

Although Wasilla, Palmer and even Anchorage are very windy places, this little corner of Alaska (as in Jamie and Harry’s place) is rarely windy – but tonight as we fed dogs the trees were swinging wildly. As I stood in the dog yard waiting for the dogs to finish eating I could hear a few trees behind Watt’s house moaning and groaning in the wind. Unfortunately, the noises from the trees match my mood – ‘cause not only is it windy, it is very warm. We are quickly losing our snow thanks to the temperatures and some rain that has been falling on and off for the last 24 hours.

I don’t know that we will even be able to run dogs tomorrow. Because the temperatures, even at night, are not dropping below 40 F the trails are either icy or soft enough that running sleds on them will just damage them – and of course, the warmth is tough on the dogs anyway.


The thing about Alaska is that the weather can and often does turn around very quickly. Remember just a week ago the state was breaking records for cold temperatures.


I know the dogs and I will be doing snow dances for the next few days!!! Any body care to join me????



Karen's Diary - Iditarod 2008 Edition

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