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Iditarod 2007 - Tales from the Trail

October 17, 2006

CKC Points

Amid all the confusion and bustle around here the last month, I did find time to put Nik and Wonder on a plane out to BC to hang out with our friend and dog show handler, Cynthia Seeling.

This past weekend was their first show with her (and Wonder's first show ever) and we are happy to report that Wonder picked up her first CKC point - and Nik picked up 2, moving him just 2 points away from his Canadian Championship! Don't forget that Nik is 9 years old - an age when most show dogs are long retired!

Cyn emailed me a couple pictures taken at the show grounds and you just won't believe how sparkling clean they are!


Click on photos to enlarge

Many thanks to Cyn - and 'YEAH' to the kids!



Karen's Diary - Iditarod 2007 Edition

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