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Iditarod 2007 - Tales from the Trail

May 17, 2007

Much Typing

Well, looks like I won't be typing a lot for the next few weeks ... a trip to the doc yesterday confirmed I have a broken index finger and bursitis in my elbow.

The bursitis is from badly whacking my elbow on the ice outside of Rohn on Iditarod and the finger got broken when I pulled my quick release on my last training run prior to the Taiga race.

Anyway, the elbow is wrapped and I'm supposed to 'take it easy' with my arm for the next 3 weeks. Same goes for the finger - it is splinted for 3 weeks, so my typing is slow and cumbersome.

Bear with me folks. I will try to tell some tales with my camera (it is my left hand and arm that is messed up, so I can still manage the camera) to keep everyone amused in the meantime!! We have 2 new kittens (Tic and Tac) and puppies due on May 13th, so it isn't like I don't have subjects to work with!!



Karen's Diary - Iditarod 2007 Edition

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