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Iditarod 2004 - Tales from the Trail

March 12, 2004

Ceremonial Start Pictures
the Banquet & a Training Photo.

MANY thanks to Janet Yeager for the use of these pictures. 

Karen_last_training_run.jpg (88721 bytes)
Last training run before Iditarod 2004

Karen, Mark and Karen's mom, Morna

Karen_at_banquet-fast_getaway.jpg (94431 bytes)
Karen departing the stage after her "Thank You" speech

KarensMomIditarider.jpg (82333 bytes)
Karen's mother Morna and  Jamie West.
Jamie drove Karen's tag (2nd) sled during the Ceremonial Start.
You can read about her adventure here.

Bib time at the Ceremonial Start

Karen and Jamie West 

Jamie_West__Karen_2_IMG.jpg (117897 bytes)
Karen and Jamie West

Draco before the Restart

Camilla counting down the minutes...

KarenJamie_Nelson_restart.jpg (113228 bytes)
Karen and one her mentors - Jamie Nelson

KarenJamie_Nelson1_IMG.jpg (110602 bytes)
Karen and one her mentors - Jamie Nelson

Karen and Janet Yeager at the Restart

Karen and Morna

Karen's Diary - 2004 Edition

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