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Iditarod 2004 - Tales from the Trail

March 5, 2004

 Iditarod 2004
A Poem
y K. Nikischin

The time has come
The die is cast
The day to run
Is here at last.

The athletes are banging
Hard on their harness
The musher is eager
To release them in earnest.

The dog bags are packed
And at the next depot
The errands are done
No more to and fro'.

Each dog knows his job
And is willing to go
To pull the packed sled
Through the night in the snow.

The light in the sky 
Hides a secret it seems
The musher you see
Will run with two teams.

One hail and hearty
And full of their worth
The other, a vision
But no less a force.

The teams' silver harness
Lights the trail up ahead
The musher feels safe
She has nothing to dread.

The earthly dogs follow 
The trail like it's home
The ribbon of silver 
Will lead them to Nome.

To cross at the finish
Is the goal of the race
To race with yourself
Is to gain greater grace.

With two teams to lead her
And the will to succeed
The musher is fitted
With all that she needs.

So fly to the finish
And run a great race
Love what you're doing
Never slacken the pace.

Godspeed to you Karen
May the trail be your friend
May your race be a great one
Iditarod to the end.

Dedicated to
Karen Ramstead
and her Siberian Husky teams.

Good Luck.
Karen N. :)

Karen's Diary - 2004 Edition

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