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Iditarod 2004 - Tales from the Trail

January 11, 2004

Ch. NorthWapiti's Bravo TT
February 21, 1990 - January 11, 2004

A week to the day after her big brother Charlie left us, she has joined him.

Bravo was our first born out of our first litter. She was also our first Group placing show dog. 

She never ran much in harness, as since the time they were six months old Bravo and her sister Allie HATED each other. Over time it just became too much to manage these two spunky girls in the team and Allie was the better sled dog, so Bravo didn't run too often. She didn't mind though, she was a true princess at heart and enjoyed not having to 'sweat'. 

As I said goodbye to her yesterday, I told her that she and Allie were to 'get along' when they saw each other again - but now, after shedding their blankets of age, I would imagine some sparks in the Northern Lights over the next while. :)

Godspeed Brav. Be good. 


Karen's Diary - 2004 Edition

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