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Iditarod 2003 - Tales from the Trail

January 31, 2003

Plans have changed a little for the Knik 200 Race - so I'm taking some of the veterans along. The team will be: Camilla, Surge, Odie, Loki, Nahanni, Denali, Squeaky, Pirate, Grover, Kara, Freya and Olena.

Grover is listed way back in the list because I've promised I will not run him in lead during the Race. :)

It rained most of yesterday evening here - I'm sure that didn't help the trail, but whata ya do????

You can following the Knik online, although I don't know how good they are at updating information, at

All going well, I'll 'talk' to you all on Monday! :)

Wishing for healthy, happy dogs and a decent trail!


Karen's Diary - 2003 Edition

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