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Yukon Quest 2006 - Tales from the Trail

September 27, 2005

Welcome Aboard Penny!

I am continually delighted at what a diverse and talented group of people are subscribed to the NorthWapitiNews list. Recently I got to know one of them better when I posted looking for someone to help out revising the 2005 logo for 2006 (btw - Paige Blum, creator of the '05 logo that everyone loves so much is back on board with that task).

© 2005 Logo by Paige Bluhm

Penny Blankenship sent me the most adorable cartoon to be considered for the '06 logo. It wasn't really what I was looking for, but we got chatting about Penny doing some cartoons to accompany my Diary Entries - and to my delight she has agreed.

We are also looking at setting up a Cafe Press site with some of the images, so you can buy t-shirts, mousepads, mugs, etc with the cartoons on them. Very graciously Penny says all proceeds will go back to me.

Below is a brief bio on Penny. Watch for her cartoons in my diary entries soon!

Penny Blankenship

Raised by 60's radicals in a Mennonite town, Penny escaped Goshen, Indiana by joining the Air Force and becoming a Russian Linguist.

After marrying a Marine and traveling through the Eastern US where she did various jobs (vet tech, world's worst answering service person, golf course, retail, administrative) they settled in Maryland and both become boring and humorless government consultants.

To keep their sanity they adopted two gimpy dogs (Sam and Loki), and also own one spoiled show dog wannabe (Meeshka), and grumpy 16 year old Nova. Her hobbies include Web site development, failing business ideas, removing dead animals from dog mouths, and cartooning the bizarre.

Penny still doesn't know what she wants to be when she grows up.

Welcome 'aboard' Penny!

ŠPenny Blankenship for
©Penny Blankenship
More cartoons by Penny

Karen's Diary - Yukon Quest 2006 Edition

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