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Yukon Quest/Iditarod 2006 - Tales from the Trail

March 6, 2006

KTUU Interview

For additional coverage of the 2006, please visit the KTUU website - Iditarod section. There you'll find video interviews with various mushers, including a discussion with Karen about her all purebred Siberian Husky team.

Screen captures from the Fur Rondy 
webcam at the Ceremonial Start

Fur Rondy Camera - Iditarod 2006 Fur Rondy Camera - Iditarod 2006

Photo by
 June Price

2006 Leaving Front Street by June Price
Leaving front street after the Ceremonial Start

Photo by Jlona Richey
Tracks of Alaska

2006 Ceremonial Start by Jlona Richey
2006 Ceremonial Start


Karen's Diary - Yukon Quest/Iditarod 2006 Edition

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