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Yukon Quest 2006 - Tales from the Trail

January 26, 2006

Yukon Quest Withdrawal
(A copy of the notice sent to Stephen Reynolds,
Yukon Quest International Staff - Whitehorse - Manager)

Regretfully Stephen, please consider this official notice of my intention to withdraw my entry from the 2006 Yukon Quest.

Unfortunately, as you are aware my husband, Mark slipped on the ice while putting his team away after successfully completing the Knik 200 earlier this month. The damage was extensive, requiring surgery, pins, screw and plates to reconstruct the broken ankle and fibula. He should recover fully, but is not permitted to bear weight on the leg for a further 6 - 8 weeks.

Many folks stepped up to offer assistance and encouragement for our Quest - however, we have decided to put the Race off for another year. It just will not be practical for Mark to be in the checkpoints and honestly, without him along as part of our 'team', I just would not find the same satisfaction in participating.

One of the things that was drawing me to this race, was the more active roll that the handlers are able to take in it. It is a dynamic that is much more representative of the actual roles my husband and I take in our kennel on a daily basis.

I hope you understand. Please know that we will be watching the race closely this year. We wish a great race for all the organizers - and especially for all participating mushers.

Our brief 'relationship' with this amazing Race has only further wet my appetite to hit the Quest trail.

Looking forward to next year,

Karen's Diary - Yukon Quest 2006 Edition

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