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Iditarod 2007 - 'Future Star' Sponsors

As part of our fundraising, this year we are offering the opportunity to sponsor one of our future stars. For $100 Cdn. sponsors get their name listed on this website, a certificate and some other cool NorthWapiti 2007 Iditarod memorabilia and the opportunity to sponsor the same dog in the future when part of the main training pool. (Click this link for information on currency exchange rates.)

None of these young dogs will be considered for the Iditarod 2007 team - these are the young dogs that we are watching grow and develop.

Sponsorship checks can be mailed to:
Karen Ramstead
Box 9
Perryvale, Alberta
T0G 1T0

Or via PayPal

(Click on each dog's picture to visit their individual page)

Future Stars

Dog Sponsorship Bio & Details


NorthWapiti's Excelsior
(Squeaky x Olena)

Anyone who read my '05 Diary Entries knows that X is one of my favourite up and coming dogs. 'X-cellent' and 'X-traordinary ' are just a few of his many nicknames!

X has no doubt that his kind sponsorship by Lee and Jim DesJardin of Ancaster, Ontario had a lot to do with the fact that he is a son of Squeaky - but he doesn't mind a bit. X sends 'Happy Anniversary' wishes and 'thanks' to Lee and Jim!
April 2006 - by Donna Finner

NorthWapiti's Minto
(Grover x Spot)

Ever since she was a youngster, 'Minto the Pinto' has been showing that she has speed to spare. Fast, fast, fast!

Minto the Pinto sends big hugs to Mary Atkinson of Aumsville, Oregon for sponsoring her as she works towards a place on the main string!


NorthWapiti's Fritz
(Grover x Spot)

Fritz reminds me a fair amount of his Daddy, Grover. Serious and solid in harness, even as a young dog.

Fritz has a pedigree that makes him a seriously 'born to run' dog. We are sure he will do his sponsor, Colleen Little of Musquodoboit Harbour, Nova Scotia proud down the road!

NorthWapiti's Bongo
(Draco x Nahanni)
Bongo is the 'wild child' of the yearlings. Packed full of enthusiasm and a desire to MOVE! Karen's favorite of the Mosquitoes.

Bongo, who has a rather 'upside down' personality (but remains one of my favourite yearlings!) thanks her sponsor from 'down under' - Sue Smith of NSW, Australia!
Thanks Sue!
August 2006


NorthWapiti's  Bingo
(Draco x Nahanni)

Bingo is the serious and reserved 'Mosquito'. She reminds me a huge amount of her Mom.
13 months of age

NorthWapiti's Irving
(Draco x Nahanni)
Big, long legged, strong and handsome. How could we have anything but high hopes for this boy??

Irving is sponsored by Mary Curtis Horowitz for "her" Irving. Both are big and strong and never give up.


NorthWapiti's Wolverine
(Grover x Kara)
EVERYONE loves Wolvie. Definitely the 'star' of the Grover x Kara litter - and all dogs in that litter are stars in my mind. You can imagine how good this makes Wolvie!

Avid Wolverine fans for decades (GO BLUE!), Ann Hernandez and Barb Bennett are not surprised at all to hear that Wolverine is a star. They are confident that he will grow up to be a "Champion of the West"...West Canada that is!!! They are delighted to be his first sponsors!
August 2006


NorthWapiti's Flash Gordon
(Grover x Kara)
With each run Flash seems to be more and more confident. We don't expect him to rush to the main string, but like his 1/2 brother, Skor, we expect him to be a key dog in the years to come.
Flash on a August training run


NorthWapiti's Xena
(Grover x Kara)
Beautiful, well put together and with a killer pedigree - we are very excited about Xena's future.

Xena and the rest of the team would like to thank Maureen Lamb for her the support. Maureen also helped to sponsor Dasher this year as well. We couldn't continue to follow our dreams without fans like her! Maureen wishes all the best to Xena in her future sledding career.

NorthWapiti's Wonder Woman
(Grover x Kara)
Wonder is almost impossible to tell apart from her beautiful sister Xena, but there are ways!

Kelim's Nitro of NorthWapiti
Dodge x Spot)
Despite his cutesy nickname - 'Nitey - nite' - Nitro is showing good promise in his early runs.

Nitro wants to thank his breeders Kim & Kelly Berg of Kelim Siberians in New Hampshire for sponsoring him. They say if he is anything like his dad, he will be an amazing leader someday!

NorthWapiti's Banshee
(Herman x Roary)
Banshee lives up to her name! She is an outstandingly put together young girl, who is showing promise of her Daddy's drive in harness!

Banshee thanks Kathleen Rogers of Hilton, New York for believing that she will one day be a STAR! We are pretty convinced too!

NorthWapiti's Black Powder
(Draco x Hilda)
Long legged and easy to get along with. She might be the 'black sheep' of the Firecracker litter (the rest of her littermates are grey), but we are guessing she won't be at all a 'black sheep' in harness!

Lovely young Powder would like to thank Nancy Perry of Boulder, Colorado for believing that she will be one of the future NorthWapiti Kennel 'greats'.

NorthWapiti's Detonator
(Draco x Hilda)
Nate is still a baby puppy - but if fence climbing translates well to work in harness - this boy is going to be a STAR!

NorthWapiti's Comet
(Draco x Hilda)
 Still a baby, but Comet is a big girl with a big attitude!

NorthWapiti's Rocket
(Draco x Hilda)
Karen's favourite of the 'Firecrackers'. Quick, smart, light on her feet and sweet to the core.

Escape artist Rocket stuck around long enough to say 'Thanks' to Linda Birchall of Atlanta, Georgia for sponsoring her as a 'Future Star'. Thanks Linda!


NorthWapiti's Lexx
(X x Tolsona)
Lexx is still young to make too many predictions on, but he harness broke well and has the bloodlines and the build to excel in our team.

Slik has "advised" us that we should sponsor Lexx because: he is a Grand-pup of Squeaky and X's pup PLUS we should also sponsor Lexx as he looks like a younger version of him, just as X resembles Sam.


Kazlo's Trigger of NorthWapiti
(Chester x Whinny)
Like Powder, Trigger is another 'black sheep' in color compared to the rest of her littermates. The other four puppies from this litter are red & white. Trigger is a very nice mini-Chester.

On Hold
Trigger12wks.jpg (6583 bytes)


Kazlo's Shooter of NorthWapiti
(Chester x Whinny)
Shooter is a mini Eeek.

On Hold

NorthWapiti's Do The Dew
(Butch x Jumper)
Well, chubby and not proving to be the brightest puppy we have ever met, we hope Dew grows up to be a hard worker!

Dew's sponsor, Colleen Little has the honour of being the sponsor from the place with the longest name - Musquodoboit Harbour, Nova Scotia! Hope we got that spelling right! Thanks Colleen!

NorthWapiti's Is It In You
(Butch x Jumper)
Cute and crafty. A little heart stealer!

Gator sends a lot of puppy kisses to Marlene Daniels of Belgrade, Montana for believing in her!!

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