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Pre-Iditarod 2006 Pictures

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Tolsona Puppies...February 2006
The litter theme is the "Villains" and their names are:
Doc Oc, Lex Luther, Calypso, Mystique and Cassandra Nova.

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NorthWapiti's Wolverine (Grover x Kara)
the personal favorite of the website editor an Alumni of the 
University of Michigan - "Home of the Wolverines".
Photo by Kathy Carmichael of Carmacks Siberians

Who Farted??
The dogs pictured are Minto (seated) and Fritz (lying down)
from The "Serum Run" Litter

Summer 2005 - Training

Herman & Hector
Photos by Katerina of
Kipp d' Amundsen Siberian Husky Kennels

God may bless it - but Fly protects it.....

Kara and the babes. Karen loves the one sleeping on his back
and the piebald using Kara's feet for a pillow! :) This is the "Super Heroes" Litter.

Ch. NorthWapiti's Valkyrie Kara - Then... 
Iditarod 2005 Ceremonial Start in March

& Now - Summer 2005...
Expecting her 2nd litter, this one sired by Grover

Some rough, tough sled dog - Kara hangs out on her new doggy bed
July 2005

Karen's mom with Olena pups
Karen's Mom with Summit, Tazlina and X.

Grover x Spot puppies at 10 wks Grover x Spot puppies at 10 wks
x Spot puppies at 10 weeks of age. The 5 pup photo is Fritz, Minto, Sepp, Togo and Nome
 in front. The 6 pup photo is Fritz & Sepp in front, Nome, Minto, Togo & Koyuk in back.

Doug with Lou on his left & Elim on his right Doug with Elim
Doug Finner relaxing with his two 'Grover' girls, Lou & Elim (pup).

Olena with pups
Olena with her "Who's Your Daddy?" litter of 5 pups.

Spot & Dodge
Spot plays with half brother Dodge while enjoying her 'winter holidays'
in New Hampshire with Kim and Kelly Berg of Kelim Siberians.

Our Welcome Bear" - he sits beside our front door. Thanks to Diane Krauss
(Krauss Photography) for our lovely little bear and Tim Vincent for his very cool sign!!

Photo of the 'Spots'

Kaylinn nursing and snuggling her babies this morning - July 26, 2004

Day Two
Puppies in a basket

"Upside Down Kaylinn"
Notice the one pup trying to climb up to a nipple! 

"Whose the Puppy here???"
Kaylinn and her '6th puppy' - a stuffed jellyfish

Kaylinn x Moses Puppies - Day One
July 16, 2004 - the "Storm" Litter

Kaylinn & pups - Day One
July 16, 2004

Spring Training 2004
Sometimes people fail to appreciate just how much work
it takes to teach them just to point in the right direction
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