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From time to time as we update the site, we will try to
provide an updated photo that reflects our current activities.

Smiley enjoying is 11th Birthday!  He enjoys retirement with Martin & Colleen Hovind.

Oreo on Holiday - May 2007
What Oreo did on her holiday Monday (Victoria Day in Canada)...

Mark & Karen stopped at Doug & Marlene Daniels home in MT on their way home from UT.  Marlene's dog, Kiska, really enjoyed Kara's company!

2007 Iditarod Logo Fleece Jacket 2007 Iditarod Logo Fleece Jacket Kara models the 2007 Iditarod Logo Fleece Jacket
Our 2007 Iditarod Logo Polar Fleece Jacket - and Kara adds "Model" to her list of credits.

Now shipping, these jackets are black polar fleece, full zip jackets with the 2007 kennel logo embroidered on them. 
Price is $55 + shipping/handling charges (have to check with the post office before I can set some exact prices on that). Sizes are S - 3XL. Sizes 2XL and 3XL are $60 each. Quantities are limited and once they are gone, they will be gone. 
Anyone that would like to pre-order may do so. I will charge $10 for shipping and handling, if you pre-order. Payments may be made to me:

Polar Fleece checks or money
orders can be mailed to:
Karen Ramstead
Box 9
Perryvale, Alberta
T0G 1T0

Or via PayPal

ŠPenny Blankenship for

©Penny Blankenship
More cartoons by Penny

 Hugi906-1.JPG Hugi906.JPG (67468 bytes) Hugi906-2.JPG (46431 bytes)
Hugi ("Norse Gods" Litter) acquires his Level 1 Rally Obedience title
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Bait906-1.jpg (28176 bytes) Bait906.jpg (37296 bytes)
Repeat after me, "Bait is NOT a house cat"....Okay...who am I kidding???
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Draco x Hilda puppies







Camilla surveys her digging handiwork
Camilla surveys her digging handiwork
Photo by Janet Elliott

Draco x Hilda Litter - May 11, 2006

Draco x Hilda Litter - May 11, 2006

Draco x Hilda Puppies...May 11, 2006

Draco              Hilda

I had been hoping for boys - so we are getting GIRLS - lots of GIRLS - FIVE GIRLS!!
The boy and 2 of the girls are Draco colored but with huge white shawls, white spots and stripes on them.
Quite unusual and striking. Two girls are just grey and white, although one of them
a very dark grey. And the last one is a black and white bitch that looks like her Mom.

Iditarod Thank You's - Signed by Robert Sorlie
NorthWapiti Team photo - signed by Robert Sorlie

Xray of the ankle Mark broke AFTER finishing the Knik 200...
X-ray of Mark's broken ankle

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