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Iditarod 2008 - Tales from the Trail

August 22, 2007

NorthWapiti Lines In Obedience (Brag)
- By Jackie Wepruk

I would like to take an opportunity to brag about some of our boys, which have close ties with Northwapiti, and show just how diversely talented these lines are. A few weeks back Triton (Tucoldturain's Triton - GroverxKadie) and Hugi (Northwapiti Tucoldturain Hugi CDX CGN APDT Rally Level 1 -
StikerxBreezy) were each entered in Rally Obedience trials.

Rally obedience is a relatively new sport with trials through the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT), and very recently starting through the Canadian Kennel Club. If you want to learn more the APDT website is a
good resource ( There is another association - CARO - that also hosts trials.

Hugi was entered in the first ever CKC rally trial in Alberta. He received a perfect score of 100. There were a few perfect scores, so 1st place was determined by fastest time. Hugi did not have as fast a time as the 1st
place dog, and other placings were not given out. However, Hugi now has one leg toward his Novice Rally title with CKC. Hugi is a sibling to Kara, Lokie and Odie.

The star was Triton, who was entered in two APDT Rally trials the same weekend and walked away with 2 High in Trials. A perfect score in APDT rally is 210. His first round was a 206. His second round - a 207, could
have been perfect except for me! The last exercise is a bonus one for 10 points. Triton did it perfectly, but in my enthusiasm, I released him before putting his leash back on - 3 point deduction. Triton is a Grover son (which automatically makes him special).

The judge for Triton's second round is a gal who has been working with Karen & Dasher in rally obedience. So, I issued a 'challenge' to Karen through our judge that I want to see her in the rally ring. :-) It's public now,

Jackie Wepruk
Tucoldturain Siberians


Karen's Diary - Iditarod 2008 Edition

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