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Iditarod 2008 - Tales from the Trail

March 6, 2008

Update from Takotna

I just got off the phone with Karen from Takotna.  Apparently its okay to use the phone on your 24 hour break as long as you don't tie it up for to long.
All the dogs are doing great, Batdog is a little dehydrated, but Karen still has over 12 hours to get him drinking again. Dasher, Jinx, JR, and Moe have done all the leading.  Watt has been Karen's Superdog.
While crossing the burn Karen tipped the sled and was dragged for a bit, and in the process had her pants pulled down to her ankles.  While she was correcting this rather embarrassing situation her hand got slammed into a rock and it swelled up.  Before the race I told Karen to remove her wedding ring, but she refused.  At one of the next check points, I'm not sure which one, she had to get the ring cut off.
Karen said that Jeff Shultz, and the camera crews have been taking lots of pictures and video of her and the team in Takotna, so keep your eyes open.
Last year the ITC made the decision that mushers had to supply their own shipping crates to get the teams out of Nome. I've got 12 crates lined up, but if things keep going the way that they are it looks like I'll have to find a few more to get our dogs home.



Karen's Diary - Iditarod 2008 Edition

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