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Iditarod 2007 - Tales from the Trail

March 8, 2007

Flickr Photos
Amateur Coverage & Impressions

Wide angle view of Willow Restart  

Iditarod 35 in 2007 – Nancy Lake  

Just for fun – Stuffed Iditarod  

NW dog truck in Anchorage 3/3  

NW dog truck part 2  

Taking a break to chat  

Willow Restart Overview  

Where’s Mackey  

Leaving Chena Hot Springs checkpoint at 230 am (Mackey)  

Dog Sled Crossing Sign  

Vicarious trip in plan Anchorage to Willow (teaser views of bibs #34 & 35, but alas no #36 Ramstead  )  
I enjoyed watching this set as a slideshow (look for link in upper right corner)

Coming around the corner in Anchorage at 4th Ave & Cordova (not Karen, but neat image)  

Iditarod-based religious propaganda  

“Great license plate!” Haw-Gee  

Perhaps Holly behind Maple Leaf in Anchorage  

More NW dog truck photos:  

Iditarod downtown, a slide made of ice  

Two images of Balto Statue and surrounding park areas – the beauty of Central Park without the hassle or cost (see also page 1)  

Iditarod starting line statue in Anchorage & closeup  

Donald Smidt's team of Siberian Huskies & possible head shot of one his dogs  

Smidt’s Ceremonial Start finish & snow sculpture pictures by same photographer  

Ceremonial Start trail – a view not often seen  

Karen at restart  

Iditarod Trail map  & alternate view of same  

North Wapiti cartoons by Penny  


Karen's Diary - Iditarod 2007 Edition

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