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Iditarod 2005 -'Sponsor-a-dog' Program

As part of our fundraising we are offering the opportunity to sponsor a specific Iditarod dog. For $300 Cdn. sponsors get their name listed on this website, one of our limited edition prints by BC artist Denise Linley, a 2005 Ceremonial Start bandana and a certificate. (Click this link for information on currency exchange rates.)

Of the dogs listed, 20 of these will accompany us up to Alaska next year and only 16 will be chosen for our team. We cannot guarantee anyone's sponsored dog will make the final 16 - but certificates, bandanas, and prints will be issued to all sponsors regardless of whether or not their dog of choice participates in Iditarod.

(Click on each dog's picture to visit their individual page)

The Dogs in the Training Pool

NorthWapiti's Super Grover

There is just not enough good things to say to do Grover justice. Grover is, without any question, Karen's favorite dog in the kennel. Our MAIN leader - he is a SUPER dog!

As always Grover, my favourite dog is sponsored by my favorite brother - Jim Murray of Calgary, Alberta. Oh yes, that's right - I only have one brother! :)

SmileyHeadDel.jpg (5286 bytes)
Ch. NorthWapiti's Guy Smiley

The mischievous twinkle in his eye really defines this dog. Despite being a hard worker when the chips are down, aptly named Smiley is always happy and looking for ways to have fun!

Smiley is on hold

NorthWapiti's Mr. Snuffleupagus

Gus is another of the 'Muppet Litter' and like the rest of his littermates (Grover, Smiley & Camilla), he is a key leader in our team. Gus is normally the dog I turn to at starting lines and other crowded places - he knows his job and is always keen to do it!

Robert Ford of Campaign, IL has sponsored Gus and is also one of our Swing Dog Sponsors on our Sponsors page. Many thanks for all of his support!

DracoHeadDel.jpg (11242 bytes)
NorthWapiti's Draco

Big, leggy, hard working Draco surprised a lot of people, myself included by winning big at the 2003 Canadian Siberian Husky Nationals in Winnipeg in November - not because I don't think he is beautiful - because he definitely is - but he certainly looks more like a working dog then a show dog! In my mind, this is an impossible dog not to fall in love with!!

Draco gives big hugs - and Draco is the BEST hugger in the kennel - to Randee and Megan McQueen of Campbell, California for sponsoring him again this year!

Ch. NorthWapiti's Loki

Loki is well named after the Norse god of mischief. He always has a prank up his 'sleeve', but he never lets it get in the way of putting in a solid performance whenever he gets hooked up!

Loki thanks Deborah Custer of Texas, USA for
continuing to sponsor his adventures on the trail!

NorthWapiti's Oden

Another of the beautiful and talented Norse god and goddess litter. In harness, Odie has always been the star of this bunch. Hardworking to the core!

Odie thanks former 'Floridian', now Alaskan June Price for sponsoring him this year. June has been following Odie since he was a wee pup! ;)

NorthWapiti's Sir Gallahad

Surge is one big puppy at heart. Even out on the Iditarod Trail he loves to take the time to play and will frequently bat at me with his paws to try and convince me to do some roughhousing with him. He is a fun dog to live and travel with!

Surge is sponsored in the name of Marion Walker. Surge sends best wishes for a quick recovery to Marion.

Ch. Chuchinka's Pathfinder

It's hard to know where to start talking about Chester. The fact that he has his own Fan Club should tell you something about the amazing personality of this boy! He is the dog we always take to school visits. His passion for kids is only second to his passion for running (and dinner). He is also one of the toughest dogs we have ever met in harness.

Chester is on hold

NorthWapiti's Camilla

I've often said that this little dynamo will turn a 16 dog team on a dime and leave you 8 cents change - and she will. Definitely a key leader in the kennel!

Camilla sends heartfelt thanks to Mary Curtis Horowitz of of Princeton, New Jersey for sponsoring her 5th trip to Nome. 

Chuchinka's San Antonio Rose

In 2001, Kaylinn was the surprise star of our Iditarod. Since then she has put in a number of other solid performances to prove that that race was not a 'fluke' for her. 

Kaylinn is also a key producer in the whelping box for us. She loves being a Mom - almost as much as being a sled dog!!!

As in previous years, Kaylinn thanks her breeders, Bob and Loreen Bridges of Prince George, BC for sponsoring her! We have lots to be thankful to them for too - without their support, encouragement and bloodlines we would have had trouble achieving what we have achieved. We will always be grateful!

NahanniHeadDel.jpg (5257 bytes)
NorthWapiti's Nahanni

Nahanni is a beautiful dog. Fast, focused and tough as nails rounds her out! Although missing the 2004 Race due to being in season, Nahanni is a real asset to the team!

Nahanni is sponsored by Joan Lewin of Goosak Siberians. She is looking forward to cheering on Nahanni in the 2005 Iditarod.

NorthWapiti's Robert E. Lee

Squeaky is a littermate to Surge, although he didn't come to live with us until he was almost 3 years of age. Called 'Rob' by his former owners, Mark nicknamed him 'Squeaky' because of the strange noise he makes because he is debarked. 'Squeak' is a handsome and hardworking boy, who looks very much like his accomplished grandfather, Spud.

If Squeaky weren't debarked and could, he would sing, at the top of his lungs, the praises of his sponsors John and Ursula Rempel of Winnipeg, Manitoba for once again sponsoring him! 

OlenaHeadDel.jpg (8552 bytes)
Alaskan's Olena of Anadyr

Definitely the 'Alpha Bitch' in this kennel. Ollie is tough as nails and knows it well! Although dropped in both the 2003 and 2004 races, she is a FORCE in harness and contributes big to the team whenever she is a part of it!

Once again, Marlene and Doug Daniels of Belgrade, Montana are sponsoring 'The Evil One' on her journey to Nome. Thanks guys!

Chlout's Hector of NorthWapiti

Hector is a character. During Iditarod 2004 he took great delight in starting 'group howls' in checkpoints along the Race. Just outside of White Mountain - on a cold, clear morning - he led the team in a stirring song to start us on the last leg of our journey to Nome. It is a memory I will always cherish.

Hector is proudly sponsored by his fans in Kansas; Ann Conser, Susan Davies, Shanean Hicks, Ruth A. Lloyd, and Laura Neville Woods, who say, "Go, Hector - all the way to Nome!"

Chlout's Hilda of NorthWapiti

Although nicknamed "Broom Hilda" after the cartoon witch - there is nothing 'witchy' about Hilda - she is sweet and hardworking. A real delight to have in the team.

Hilda thanks, Donna Quante (pictured above with her) for sponsoring her journey to Nome this year. Donna is also the owner of Hilda's former kennel mates Sissy and Rosie! It's Hilda who should be giving hugs to Donna!

Chlout's Herman of NorthWapiti

'The Hermanator', as Mark often calls him - Herman is all business. He just wants to get to work!

Herman thanks Mark's folks, Harvey and Sylvia Ramstead of Calgary, Alberta for once again putting their faith in him!

CrunchieHeadDel.jpg (5956 bytes)
NorthWapiti's Crunchie

Although being a Grover son automatically earns you a favored position in my heart, Crunchie wasn't happy 'inheriting' that and has definitely earned his status all on his own. I look to him to be a real key leader in the team down the road. A cool dog - one of my very, very favorites.

Dana and Judy Kevelder of Pickerington, Ohio are once again sponsoring one of Karen's favorite dogs, Crunchie for this season. Thanks guys! And a special thanks to Dana for not running the team over last fall in Minnesota! :)

Clout's Moses of Velikaya

Moses is a dog with an 'all knowing presence' about him. His work ethic is simply inspiring to all. A very valued and key dog in our team!

Moses says "Good Day Mate" and "Many thanks!" to his friend from 'Down Under', Sue Smith for sponsoring his '05 Iditarod! Us too!! 

DenaliHeadDel.jpg (9331 bytes)
NorthWapiti's Denali

Big, hard working and GOOFY - Denali was a delight to have on our 2003 Iditarod team!

Because she just loves his "big, dear, white face" (me too - btw) globetrotting June Shelley is once again sponsoring Denali. Thanks June!! You can visit June's website at

BarqHead.jpg (5521 bytes)
NorthWapiti's Barq, He's got bite

Barq promises to be one of the fastest dogs we own. He looks and acts a lot like his half brothers - Draco, Orion, and Surge!

Barq is on hold

NorthWapiti's Pepsi

Harnessing this high energy gal is our version of the 'Pepsi Challenge'. If we can funnel that energy into running - she will be an amazing sled dog!

If Pepsi ever slowed down enough - she would want to give lots of thanks to her friends Jackie Wepruk and Rick Austin of Lacombe, Alberta for sponsoring her this year. 

NorthWapiti's Sprite

Cute, athletic, and energetic - we have high hopes for this Butch x Jumper daughter!

Yet again, Heather Walls of Pittsburgh, PA has been kind enough to sponsor Sprite. Sprite is doing her darnest to make Heather proud of her! 

NorthWapiti's Snickers

Snickers is a perpetual motion machine - always on the move - except when she is getting snuggles!

Pat Ford of Cisco, IL has been one of our most loyal sponsors since we started running Iditarod in '00. We are grateful for her sponsorship of Snickers this year and everything else she has done for us in the past 5 years. Thanks Pat! 

wpe6.jpg (4654 bytes)
NorthWapiti's Skor

Skor is a big lovable Grover son. Not the 'sharpest knife in the drawer', but hardworking and promising, just the same!

Skor is on hold

NorthWapiti's Dasher

Dasher is very much unlike her sweet and loveable Mom, Kara. She is bossy, opinionated, and demanding of getting her own way! I think she will be an amazing sled dog!

Dasher and the rest of the team would like to thank the Friends of SOS-SRF (Save Our Siberians - Siberspace Rescue Fund) for the support.

Maureen Lamb - Ursula Rempel
Bob Baker - Barb Branham
Kristine Biagiotti - Cheryl Dawson
Lois Leonard - Mary Ann Strock
Rita Young

NorthWapiti's Seeley Lake

Everyone thinks 'Batdog' was so named because he has big ears, not the case. When he was young, he loved to be hung upside down and survey the world from this vantage! He reminded me of a little bat - hence his call name. He is a very promising and exciting young dog!

Batdog thanks Kim & Kelly Berg and all his NorthWapiti relatives at Kelim Siberians for sponsoring his journey to Nome!

NorthWapiti's See Spot Run

Spotty Dog is vying to replace Nik as the most annoying dog in the team. She has a high pitched, ear piercing scream that she turns loose every time there is something going on that she wants to be a part of. Despite it, we adore her and look forward to her working on the team this season! Maybe all the work will settle her down some!

Spot says "Many thanks, Mate" to Sue Smith of Australia for sponsoring her this year! Sue is a long time supporter of the kennel and also sponsors Moses! Mark and I thank Sue too!

NorthWapiti's Holland Lake

AMAZING is really the only word to describe this little girl. Holly has been leading big strings of dogs out of this yard since she was just over a year old. I can't wait for her to mature enough to be able to race with us. She is definitely going to be a special leader! 

Holly is this year's recipient of our version of 'The Curse of the Bambino' - my mother, Morna Murray of Calgary, Alberta has sponsored her. In all the years we have been doing this no dog Mom has sponsored has ever made our Iditarod team. One year Mom!!

Ch. Kimlan's Xzackeryit at NWapiti

Unboundless energy best describes Zackery. Hopefully he learns to channel it all into his performance in harness - if so, he should be unstoppable!

Zack is N/A

NorthWapiti's Long May You Run

Junior is well named - he is a junior Grover, but with the vivid blue eyes of his mother, Joey. He has just turned 2 and I'm beginning to see the same stride and carriage in him in harness that his Daddy has. That makes me very excited about his future! 

JR is on hold

Ch. NorthWapiti's Valkyrie Kara

1983 Iditarod Champ Rick Mackey claims Kara is so cute "you can't help
but smile when you look at her." She also proved to us last year that she is more
then just a pretty face by doing a huge amount of leading in the 2004 Iditarod.

A hard working sled dog, a good little show dog and a dream to live
with in the house - darn near the perfect dog, as far as I'm concerned!

Although she is an Iditarod Veteran, Kara is listed at the bottom of the page due to her special legion of sponsors. Kara was the last dog to be sponsored for Iditarod 2004, but a group effort made her the mostly highly sponsored dog in our Iditarod History! Many of those who sponsored her in 2004 wished to do so this year as well. Below is a list of her sponsors. 
 Thank you to all of those below for stepping up to help sponsor this lovely girl,
currently the only female Champion Siberian Husky to list "Iditarod Finisher" as one of her credentials.

Canadian Sponsors
Lee DesJardins
Melissa Murray
Morna Murray
Rosemary & Don Hooker
Anne and Bob Melrose
Marilyn Hubley
Brenda Potter
Patricia Postma

USA Sponsors
Mary Atkinson
Barbara Bennett
Mary Curtis Horowitz
Ann Hernandez
Gerald & Barbara Lake
Michael & Paulette Jones
Laurie Krieg
Cheryl Dawson
Joanne Reedy
Julia & Richard Moreland
Marlene Phillips-Daniels
Michelle Lee & Shasta
William Albee & family
Kathleen Ennis
Whitewolf Creations
Susan Scofield
Betty Walden
Phyllis Robinson
Heather Walls
Ricki McLaughlin's Class
Stevens Middle School
Port Angeles WA
Theresa Przybylski
Joni Barnhardt
Sandra Quandt
Overseas Sponsors
Sue Smith - Australia
Tracy, Robert and Leah Thompson - Northern Ireland

  As of race start Kara's total for this year is $1535.44 Canadian. We are so very pleased to see all
of the above who have gotten behind this very special girl. Thank you again to all of Kara's Sponsors! 

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