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Iditarod 2005 - Tales from the Trail

January 8, 1999

Knik 200 - 1999

Last weekend was the Knik 200. I had a blast, despite less then perfect weather and getting lost a fair bit! We finished 25th out of 29 teams, which is a result we are very satisfied with. We really just wanted to get some more experience on the dogs and myself and finish with everyone healthy and happy. The team consisted of 


One interesting thing about the race was that there were 3 Siberian teams entered - and all three were driven by women!!! Judy Currier (Lara-Ke Kennels) was there with her team (finishing around 17th place, I believe) and Earl and Natalie Norris (Anadyr Siberians) had a team there driven by one of their handlers, Doro (she had an excellent race, finishing in 15th!)

One particular memory of the race will stay with me always! On Saturday night at about 1 am I left the Yenta Roadhouse for the 35 mile run over to Skwentna. At about 1:30 the full moon came out. It was so bright that I shut off my headlamp and made the journey down the river entirely by moonlight! It was spectacular!!!


Karen's Diary - 2005 Edition

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