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Iditarod 2004 - Sponsors

We are very grateful to the following individuals and companies
that are supporting our 2004 run to Nome!

Lead Dog Sponsors

If mushers are the coaches of a dog team, then lead dogs are the quarterbacks! Generally the fastest and the most responsive dogs on the team. Good lead dogs make or break a dog team! The shoulder a lot of responsibility, setting the pace down the trail and listening for the mushers commands!

Dawne Deeley & The Tsarshadow Gang - Sidney, B.C
Natalie Norris - Willow, Alaska
Doug and Donna Finner - New Hampshire
Westlock Vet Clinic - Westlock, Alberta
Denise Linley - Farmington, B.C.


Swing Dog Sponsors

Swing dogs are the dogs right behind the leaders. Normally the dogs here are also fully trained lead dogs. It is their responsibility to 'swing' the team around corners!

Janet Yeager-Elliot - Atascadero, California
Morna Murray - Calgary, Alberta


Team Dog Sponsors

Team dogs make up the bulk of a dog team. Lead dogs, swing, and wheel dogs all get chances to take a break from the other positions and run in the team!

Bob Ford - Champaign, Illinois


Wheel Dog Sponsors

Wheel dogs are the power house of a dog team. The dogs immediately in front of the sled, they have one of the most physically demanding jobs in the team!

Mary Curtis Horowitz & Irving Louis Horowitz

Cheryl Liddle, Selina Topete and Fresca - Concord/Pittsburg, California
Gwen Ross - Langley, British Columbia
John and Jona Van Zyle - Eagle River, Alaska 


Our Other Sponsors!
Edna Swift - Beaverton, Oregon
Bonnie Wyatt - Calico Rock, Arkansas
Siberian Husky Club of Metro Dallas
Siberian Husky Club of Greater Chicago
Deborah (Deb.) Bok
Quebec Chapter of the SHCC
Karen Yeargain / K-collars - Oregon
Big Lake Susitna Veterinary Hospital - Alaska
Joan Bryner - Willow, Alaska
"Our Memorial for Orion"
Zel Warner, Alice Uehling,Mark Pullen, Kathy Laberge, 
June Price, Barb Bennett, and Marlene Daniels, MLG

Happy Feet Sponsors
Sponsor-A-Dog Sponsors
(Includes pictures and brief descriptions of team candidates)

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Many thanks to our Iditarod 2000, Iditarod 2001 & Iditarod 2003 sponsors!