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Iditarod 2003 - Tales from the Trail

June 30, 2002

Just a quick note to mention that Iditarod entries opened yesterday. All mushers that enter on the first day are guaranteed a starting position in the first batch (65 mushers entered yesterday - so my bib number will be between 2 - 66. Remember Bib 1 is always a ceremonial musher). You can follow the list of mushers, which will grow until the December 1 cutoff, on the Iditarod site.
The mushers entering yesterday were:

1. G.B. Jones Wasilla, Ak
2. David Straub Willow, AK
3. Ken Anderson Fairbanks, AK
4. Perry Solmonson (rookie) Plain, Wa
5. Frank Sihler (rookie) Wasilla, AK
6. Ray Redington, Jr. Fairbanks, AK
7. Aaron Burmeister Nome, AK
8. Ramy Brooks Healy, AK
9. Ted English Willow, AK
10. Vern Halter Willow, AK
11. Mitch Seavey Sterling, AK
12. Jason Cameron (rookie) Homer, AK
13. Dexter Kancer (rookie) Nenana, AK
14. Mike Williams Akiak, AK
15. Lance Barve Wasilla, AK
16. Judy Merritt- (rookie) Moose Pass, AK
17. Mike Suman (rookie) Big Lake, AK
18. Martin Buser Big Lake
19. Debbie Moderow (rookie) Anchorage, AK
20. Doug Grillot (rookie) Willow, AK
21. Carla Kelly (rookie) Anchorage, AK
22. Lynda Plettner- Willow, AK
23. Ben Stamm (rookie) Argyle, WI
24. Jessie Royer Fairbanks, AK
25. Cim Smyth Big Lake, AK
26. Jeff King Denali, Ak
27. Ellen Halverson (rookie) Wasilla, AK
28. Cali King (rookie) Denali, AK
29. Gerald Sousa - Talkeetna, AK
30. John Baker - Kotzebue, AK
31. Jim Lanier Chugiak, AK
32. Rick Horstmann (rookie) -Willow, AK
33. Ramey Smyth Big Lake, AK
34. Gerald Riley- Nenana, AK
35. Burt Bomhoff Chugiak, AK
36. Tyrell Seavey- (rookie) Seward, AK
37. Michael Goosen Wasilla, AK
38. Tim Osmar Ninilchik AK
39. Hans Gatt Atlin BC CANADA
40. Ed Iten Kotzebue, AK
41. Sonny Lindner Fairbanks, AK
42. Aliy Zirkle Two Rivers, AK
43. Karen Ramstead- Perryvale, AB, CANADA
44. Charlie Boulding Manley, AK
45. Randy Chappel - (rookie) Arlington, TX
46. Blake Matray (rookie) Two Rivers, AK
47. Robert Sørlie Hurdal Norway
48. Cliff Wang (rookie) Isabella, MN
49. Sandy McKee (rookie) Fairbanks, AK
50. Tom Roig (rookie) Shreve, OH
51. Karen Land Sand Coulee, MT
52. Jason Barron Lincoln, MT
53. Bruce Lee Denali Park, AK
54. Jack Berry Salcha, AK
55. Todd Capistrant-- (rookie) Emerald, WI
56. Paul Gebhardt Kasilof, AK
57. John Barron Helmville, MT
58. Linwood Fiedler Willow, AK
59. Rick Swenson Two Rivers, AK
60. Cindy Gallea Seeley Lake, MT
61. DeeDee Jonrowe Willow, AK
62. Rick Minard (rookie) Newberry, MI
63. Dave Monson Fairbanks, AK
64. Peter Bartlett Willow, AK
65. Melanie Gould Talkeetna, AK

*Note - there is no 'rookie' status after my name! That is so COOL!!

Karen's Diary

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