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Iditarod 2003 - Tales from the Trail

April 16, 2003

Click on the Photos to see larger versions
(Please note these images have come from multiple sources, all who have enjoyed Karen's 2003 Iditarod Adventure and were kind enough to share their photos with all here :)

preprace03UHaul.JPG (151122 bytes)
Prep for the race, the U-Haul used

prerace03UHaulEmpty.JPG (157296 bytes)
The empty U-Haul

prerace03UHaulfull.JPG (159967 bytes)
The U-Haul half-empty...

prerace03waytoLakeLouise.JPG (131280 bytes)
Pre-Race, on the way to Lake Louise

prerace03waytoLL-2.JPG (134579 bytes)
Pre-Race, on the way to Lake Louise

prerace03LakeLouise.JPG (178861 bytes)
Lake Louise

prerace03LL-2.JPG (197199 bytes)
Pre-race at Lake Louise

prerace03LL-3.JPG (131064 bytes)
Pre-race at Lake Louise

Karen at Natalie Norris'

Karen_at_Natalies.jpg (223745 bytes)
Karen at Natalie Norris'

Karen_Bonnie_Jamie.jpg (153462 bytes)
Karen, Bonnie and Jamie

Karen_packing_sled_copy.jpg (260548 bytes)
Karen packing her sled

Ceremonial_start_.jpg (232553 bytes)
Ceremonial start in Anchorage

Prison03-1.JPG (134519 bytes)
Prison gate where dropped dogs were carried for during the race.

Prison03-2.JPG (182449 bytes)
Inside the Prison Yard, the dropped dog area

Karen's Diary

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