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2002 - Tales from the Trail

September 17, 2001

Training Run

The following pictures document a 14-mile training run done September 17, 2001.

run1.JPG (96094 bytes)
Run1 – First things first. Before the dogs are readied, the quad (or 4 wheeler to you Americans!) is tied off and the ganglines stretched out.

run2.JPG (109767 bytes)
Run2 – This board tells who is running and what position they will be in for that particular run. Today, just the team in blue is running. The board is written in my shorthand, so to translate, the team today will be:

Camilla   Kaylinn
Oreo       Freya
Butch     Grover
Orion      Mannie
Draco     Smiley
Cassie    Chester

run3.JPG (194372 bytes)
Run3 – Next the dogs are brought up to the ‘ready chain’.

run4.JPG (183869 bytes)
Run4 – Once all the dogs running that day are on the ‘ready chain’. Harnesses are laid out.

run5.JPG (199169 bytes)
Run5 – Camilla and Kaylinn are hooked up first. The leaders are expected to hold the lines tight while all the rest of the dogs are hooked up.

run6.JPG (151516 bytes)
Run6 – We are now all hooked up and ready to….

run7.JPG (62282 bytes)
Run7 – HIKE!

run8.JPG (66504 bytes)

run9.JPG (60339 bytes)

run10.JPG (661191 bytes)
Run10 – For the first bit our trail winds in and out of our land. The trail we are on here is on government or  ‘green’ land, but the fence to the right is ours.

run11.JPG (37141 bytes)
Run11 – This particular spot through the pines is one of my favorite places on our property!

run12.JPG (56579 bytes)
Run12 – The trail winds around and comes within sight of the house and dog yard again.

run13.JPG (42383 bytes)
Run13 – and then goes off our land and heads towards…

run14.JPG (26923 bytes)
Run14 – the DRIVEWAY!!

run15.JPG (51518 bytes)
Run15 – The best part about the hill on our driveway is the view from (almost) the top.

run16.JPG (55293 bytes)
Run16 – Almost to the top!

run17.JPG (51043 bytes)
Run17 – At the top of our driveway the road hooks up with the highway and we swing a hard left into the ditch.

run18.JPG (41638 bytes)
Run18 – Thank goodness the ditches are wide and safe!

run19.JPG (65723 bytes)
Run19 – Time to stop for a water break. I carry modified milk jugs on the back of the quad to water the dogs.

run20.JPG (44280 bytes)
Run20 – Leadership has its privileges! Camilla and Kaylinn drink first.

run21.JPG (38112 bytes)
Run21 –

run22.JPG (34651 bytes)
Run22 – By the time the break is done, the dogs are barking and ready to go again!

run23.JPG (29768 bytes)
Run23 – I love this part of the ditch with the tall, swaying grass!

run24.JPG (77886 bytes)
Run24 – Out of the ditch and back into the woods.

run25.JPG (80727 bytes)
Run25 – Down into the valley and through the meadow.

run26.JPG (43624 bytes)
Run26 – A quick break for praise and pats!

run27.JPG (66492 bytes)
Run27 – The team moves strongly through the trees.

run28.JPG (52723 bytes)
Run28 – The trail spits us out onto the road, heading into the town of Perryvale.

run29.JPG (45075 bytes)
Run29 – We head into town through the ‘back door’, the old CN Railway allowance.

run30.JPG (29545 bytes)
Run30 – Here we are – the Perryvale Country Store.

run31.JPG (44928 bytes)
Run 31 – Not many Post Offices have dog teams parked outside the door these days!

run32.JPG (57995 bytes)
Run32 – Patty gets my mail for me – a package from Cabelas. YEAH!!!

run33.JPG (45303 bytes)
Run33 – The dogs patiently wait.

run34.JPG (42155 bytes)
Run34 –

run35.JPG (71592 bytes)
Run35 – Draco gets a quick visit from a friend.

run37.JPG (51760 bytes)
Run37 – and we are off. (Okay, this wasn’t quite that smooth. The leaders split around the metal post they were tied off to and got the team into a big tangle – but pride prevented me from taking that picture!)

run38.JPG (34869 bytes)
Run38 – Back up the dump road. Notice how the team runs tightly along the right hand side of the road. This is so traffic can easily pass us!

run39.JPG (37138 bytes)

run40.JPG (59453 bytes)
Run40 – Back to the meadow, where we take another water break.

run41.JPG (47197 bytes)

run42.JPG (77025 bytes)
Run42 – Grover and Butchie catch their breath. Grover is, of course, my main leader but he rarely runs lead on training runs.

run43.JPG (61931 bytes)
Run43 – Orion takes a break while Mannie munches on some of the wet grass.

run44.JPG (65523 bytes)

run45.JPG (41138 bytes)
Run45 – The climb out of the river valley. Look at Cassie, the little gray girl in wheel digging in!

run46.JPG (55270 bytes)
Run46 – Back along the ditch.

run47.JPG (54812 bytes)

run48.JPG (57532 bytes)
Run48 - Now we turn down the neighbors road to head back towards home

run49.JPG (34878 bytes)
Run49 – The dogs love the drop back into the valley! The pictures really don’t do it justice – it is a pretty steep hill!

run50.JPG (63669 bytes)
Run50 – Into the green area.

run51.JPG (63138 bytes)

run52.JPG (61952 bytes)
Run52 – 14 miles after we started, we pull back into the yard.

run53.JPG (67418 bytes)

run54.JPG (63913 bytes)
Run54 – They all know they have done a good job.

run55.JPG (35757 bytes)
Run55 – Now it is reward time – thick, meaty soup!

run56.JPG (51153 bytes)
Run56 – Cassie and Chester dig in.

run57.JPG (29148 bytes)
Run57 – Miss Liberty, 14 year old kennel matriarch, does the dishes. Thanks Libby!

run58.JPG (51991 bytes)
Run58 – Orion and Mannie know what is next …

run59.JPG (32810 bytes)
Run59 - …frozen fish snacks!

run60.JPG (58146 bytes)
Run60 – Time to put the dogs away. Most of the ‘A’ team, especially the leaders, are very reliable off leash and after a run simply get turned loose to run back to their houses when they wait to get their chains put back on. This is Cassie, although she ran in wheel on this run, she is doing exceptionally well in lead. Watch for her to be a key leader this winter!

run61.JPG (51549 bytes)
Run61 – First in, last out. Camilla and Kaylinn patiently hold lines tight while the rest of the team is put away.

run63.JPG (48894 bytes)
Run63 – Draco relaxes in his house.

run64.JPG (56607 bytes)
Run64 – Okay – the truth is coming out. Grover, main leader and generally Wonder Dog, doesn’t work for food nor money nor love – he works for belly rubs!!! After every run, before he is put away, he flips on his back for a belly rub! Who could resist???

run65.JPG (61190 bytes)
Run65 – Camilla waits on her house for her chain to be hooked up.

run66.JPG (73145 bytes)
Run66 – Harnesses and Ganglines are rinsed and hung to dry.

Thanks for joining us!

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